Leather is a natural organic material. Full Grain leather will become even more beautiful as it ages as part of your journey. To extend your product's life and enhance the natural character, we recommend that you apply a quality leather conditioner every few months. This will protect the leather surface and enhance the surface finish. Prolonged exposure to sun may alter the colour of the leather over time. Leaving your leather item in a damp wardrobe for an extended period can equally affect the surface and allow fungal growth, so we suggest that you put your product in its dustbag when you are not using it.


Vegetable tanned leather is produced in a tanning process using natural materials such as bark vegetable extracts. It is the age old and most natural method of tanning leather and avoids the most harsh chemicals such as Chromium Sulphates (known as chrome tanning).


The natural grain of our leather is achieved by Vegetable tanning only premium selection hides. As leather is a natural product, it is irregular and can slightly vary on the surface of the skin. This makes each product unique. Slight scratches and blemishes only serve to enhance the natural beauty and character of true Full Grain leather.

“Premium quality leather goods do not have to carry a big price tag and it does not get old – rather it matures and gets better with age, making your history and travels a part of its story.”

Mark Yaxley, Founder