How to care for a Leather Belt

Hanging-Up your leather belt is always preferable. However if you are short of hanging space you can roll the belt in to a loose circular shape but you must have the top grain of the leather facing outwards (in the same shape as you would wear the belt). Never crease or tightly roll the belt and never roll it in the reverse with the inside of the belt facing out. This will cause creases as the leather grain is naturally formed in 1 direction.

Allow some space for your belt where you store it. Don’t have it rubbing up against other items and give it some space to breath. Make sure it is kept in a warm dry environment. Be wary of damp dark spaces like some closets as this can cause fungus to grow on the leather surface. Regular use and handling will always help as the natural oils of your skin and fresh air help with the longevity of the product life span.

ALWAYS Keep Your Belt away From Wetness. If your belt does get wet, wipe it dry and leave it in the natural air in a naturally warm dry space. Water will cause brittleness to the leather if it is left to soak in.

Alternating your belt wearing will add longevity to its life as it gets time to air.

Condition Your Belt every few months with a quality leather conditioner. This will hydrate your belt and add massively to the life cycle of your product and keep it looking in great condition. In fact quality leather is one of the few items you will purchase that actually looks and feels better with age. It will even mould to the shape of your body in the case of belts.

“Premium quality leather goods do not have to carry a big price tag and it does not get old – rather it matures and gets better with age, making your history and travels a part of its story.”

Mark Yaxley, Founder