Why do I love leather?

Quality Full Grain Leather is a natural product that gets better as it ages, like a good vintage wine. This is a simple fact that sets leather apart from other materials including other natural fibre products like wool and cotton.

The very first time you wash your new fabric item it starts to deteriorate and break down, even if to just a small degree. The more you handle your new leather bag, belt or wallet, the better it starts to look.

General day to day handling of your item adds natural oils from your skin and helps polish the leather surface. Your new man bag rubbing on your body as you walk polishes the surface and brings out the natural character of the leather and enhances the look as it matures.

My favourite leather items look so much better as they age majestically with every day wear. That does not apply to any other garment or material I can think of.

- Founder Mark Andrew Yaxley

“Premium quality leather goods do not have to carry a big price tag and it does not get old – rather it matures and gets better with age, making your history and travels a part of its story.”

Mark Yaxley, Founder